A watch is something that every man can relate to. It’s one of the only pieces of jewellery that even the most masculine, non-metrosexual, ‘I’m not vain’, type of man would wear. Whether you’re the type of guy that regularly check this site for your bits, or sells fruit at Stratford market, you’re going to NEED a watch. Having said that, unless your bank balance is too long to read out, we beg you to go easy on the bling. There’s nothing worse than pretending to have more money that you really do (not even having a business idea like this). There’s no point sporting a Rolex while at the same time rocking Asda’s George branded jeans.

Most guys opt for the most shiniest, sparkling watch, however, there are a variety of styles and each one compliments a different look. Let’s dive in shall we…


The leather band watch is a classic style. More formal than a sports watch, yet less than a stainless steel dress watch. These can be worn with semi casual outfits and still look elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for a low-key dinner party or a night out in a bar.

For greater versatility, opt for a brown leather band. Black is all too common. You want people to notice that you have changed your wrist wear from your dress watch and sport watch which are best in blacks and silvers and that brown band will do precisely this. Classic sophistication.


These are your KINGS. Your trump cards. Dress watches are exactly what they say they are. They are your classiest time piece. They are best suited with your suits and shirts. Silver and gold are your best choices here. Leather bands, like we said before, are formal but not ‘suit formal’ and should be left with your other outfits.

For suits, its metal guys. Just slipping on one of these and you should feel like Bond himself, complete with your spanky cufflinks and Tom Ford sunglasses. Leave it for the special occasion and try not to rock it too much. The more you wear it, the less wow factor it has.


Sports watches are the third staple watch. Every guy should at least have one of these watches. These are the least formal out of the three biggies.

This is the watch that you throw on when you’re hitting the pub, gym or the shops. They usually have a lot more features than the two mentioned above and their features vary from brand to brand and they include international dual clock faces, stop watches and timers, all mainly used for sporting activity.


Watches that bring out your true character are what we like to call ‘Personality Watches’. They are fully focused on style and intrigue.

Nowadays, as consumers, we have so much choice that there are more brands than ever before and more opportunities for you guys to experience creativity from the designers. So why not take advantage of that?

Personality watches are the ones that really spark up conversation; they are your pea-cocking tools, your individualism arm pieces. Sport with confidence and flair and make sure you pick a piece that represents your personal style.


These watches are a little like the personality watches; they aren’t exactly essential but they will take your style game up a notch or two. Popping on one of these is a great way to show that you’re rigid in your desire not to conform.

You have all the essentials, so have your personality piece and now go get a retro to really complete your collection. They are making a comeback of late and it’s mainly the 80’s-inspired time pieces that have started to garner attention. Rock these with a few of your vintage threads to change up your look and you’ll be laughing.