Today’s Solutions for Office Relocation

Every business experiences growth and with growth usually comes office with relocation. This has always been a daunting prospect, with the many different services involved, not to mention the added strain on the employees. Once the decision has been made, the next step is to consult the experts, people with experience in helping businesses to relocate.

Preparing for the move

This is an arduous task and best left to the office relocation specialists, who know how to pack efficiently. Once briefed, they will arrange for all your items to be carefully transported to the new workspace location, where they will ready for use.


The right vehicle(s)should be arranged to ensure there is no damage to expensive office equipment and furniture, with adequate packing to secure the load. The relocation company would have full public liability insurance, to protect your valuable assets at all times during the project. Many large offices require several days to move everything, so this is best coordinated by the project manager, and with overnight or weekend trips, the move can be completed quickly.

The new venue

Apart from the move itself, your new premises will certainly need an office fit out, so search online and source a reliable company that can facilitate the entire operation. From design options to service coordination, your local expert can take the strain by organising a smooth transition into your new working environment. Major services such as plumbing and electrical wiring need to be arranged and completed on schedule, and this is the task of the project manager, who will oversee the work and ensure that everything runs as it should.

Design solutions

Before the relocation takes place, the design team will need to visit the new site, where they will make an initial assessment of your new office environment. They will collate data about your business in order to have a clear picture of what your organisation is about. If goods are regularly delivered, or sent out, then this must be taken into consideration when planning the design. Once the team has gathered the information, they will begin to design your workspace, making sure you are involved in every stage of the design process, keeping you informed.

Choosing the right dates

By using the weekends if possible, your office relocation can have minimal effect on the business as a whole. With careful coordination, your IT network and computer systems will all be in place, allowing you to retain your online presence uninterrupted. The experience gained by moving many businesses will help make the whole experience a smooth one.

The installation team

With most of the work carried out on site, the technicians work quickly in a coordinated operation, which ends with your company up and running in its new office. Teamwork is a key component, and with every person able to carry out a number of tasks, the project stays on schedule.

Project management

This is the key to a successful relocation, with so many different stages involved, a project manager is required. This person is responsible for overseeing all operations from the initial consultation, to the aftercare program. With so many vital services required, a project manager can arrange for each task to be completed in the right order, without any time-consuming delays. The project manager will be in constant touch with all the relative people and will facilitate every aspect of the project from start to finish.The project manager will make contact with the relevant local council departments and take care of planning approval, essential before construction work can begin. All utility services need to be appointed and their work overseen, in order for the project to run smoothly.


Budget and costs

A good firm would be transparent in their estimation of costs, providing a detailed account of what they are to do and how much it will cost. Established companies will always complete a project within the budget restrictions, and on time. It is important to communicate everything with your contractor, as this helps them to calculate an exact price. It is comforting to know that once a price has been agreed, you will not pay any more than that.


Unfortunately, the world does not stand still when we move offices, so it is vital your business is back up and running as soon as possible. With tight deadlines to meet, an experienced company will be able to finish the work within the allotted time, giving you peace of mind. Make sure you have confirmed dates for your contractor, before the work begins, with adequate time for planning. So, with a confirmed price and a finish date, you can sit back and relax, knowing that the relocation will be completed by the experts.


IT requirements

With all businesses having a strong online presence, one doesn’t want to be offline at all, so careful coordination will ensure that all your computers are installed and the network is live, allowing your online commerce to continue uninterrupted. The new site to have the right IT cables ready, so your computers can hook up and continue to work. If you are using a LAN network, then the technician will have to configure all the workstations with the server and be on hand when the relocation takes place. Telephone companies will have to be contacted, with the right number of lines to be installed before your arrival. All of this can be arranged by your local officefitoutcompany, taking the stress out of relocation.Here is some useful information on fitting a new office with IT equipment.


Cash flow

It isn’t always the right time to have to spend money on relocation, and with limited cash flow, it is risky to extend the business too much. An experienced office fitout company will be able to offer attractive finance packages, enabling you to make the move that your business needs right now. So, if your books are not looking too healthy, but your business is growing, take advantage of the financial services and allow your business to maintain its current growth by moving to a bigger facility.