Small Businesses: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Credit Card Machine for Your Company

This useful guide will help you determine what credit card processing system is best for your small business.

There are numerous credit card machine options to fit almost any business need.  It can be difficult to know which credit card terminal and payment processing service is best for your company’s needs as there are so many choices available. It is important to choose the right equipment and payment processing service to help reduce processing costs and increase profits. Choosing a credit card payment processor is not a simple task. Be sure to check out the credit card machine ratings and understand which type of equipment you will need. We‘ve listed the different types of tools to find the best option for your needs.

Types of Equipment

Credit card processing companies offer a variety of point-of-sale systems and card readers to help businesses accept payments. Which one that you choose will depend on the type of business that your company does. Here are some of the most popular types of credit card machines.

Traditional Point-of-Sale Systems

A traditional point-of-sale system is a good choice for brick-and-mortar businesses that do mainly face-to-face sales, such as restaurants and retail shops. Traditional point-of-sale systems use a countertop credit card machine that processes the payments after the customer’s swipe their credit cards through a card reader. Most point-of-sale systems can also process debit cards with the addition of a PIN pad. If you expect to process EBT cards or electronic benefit government cards, you will want a point-of-sale system that offers EBT processing, as well. There are a variety of traditional point-of-sale systems available. The best one for your business will likely depend on your individual needs. No matter which system you choose, it is a good idea to pick one that is EMV compliant and carries a good credit card machine rating.

Virtual and e-Commerce Terminals

Virtual and e-commerce terminals are used for online payment processing. These terminals use your internet connection and web browser along with a USB credit card reader to process many different kinds of payments. Most also offer a virtual terminal and shopping cart. These systems are ideal for e-commerce merchants.

Mobile and Wireless Card Readers

Mobile and wireless terminals are ideal for businesses that operate in the field, such as home cleaning companies and shared ride services. Most mobile and wireless card readers are attached right to a tablet or smartphone and process payments via an app. Look for wireless card readers that also accept NFC payments, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay as these types of payments are expected to become much more popular in the future.

No matter which type of credit card processing system you choose, look for the following features:

  • Security-Encryption of data and fraud protection
  • Convenience-Accepts multiple payment methods
  • Easy-to-use-Intuitive design and easy for employees and customers to use
  • Reasonable fees-low monthly fees

Although there are many choices when it comes to payment processing, the above credit card machine ratings should help you determine what type of credit card processing is the best for your small business.