Know the Different Type of Waterproofing – It’s Uses and Benefits

During the construction of a building, generally the contractors do waterproofing in order to prevent it from any leakages or damages in the future. Many of us ignore this stage to save few pennies or maybe they are not aware about the concept of waterproofing, but they forget that this will lead to bigger future damages and greater expenses. Let us study more in detail about the type, benefit and why it is important?

Water leakage causes huge damage to the structure of the building. At the beginning of water infiltration, it damages the cosmetic look of the house or building and then the structure. Many a times we ignore it due to inconvenience but this ignorance might lead to bigger and more serious trouble in the future. Long dues trapped moisture can cause the roofs and walls to decay prematurely.

Waterproofing is generally required in structures like basement, walls, roofs, bathroom, toilet, terrace, water tank, balconies and swimming pool. It is basically required to the structures, which are more exposed to water.

Types of waterproofing

Cementitious method – this method is easily available in the market and is very simple to mix and apply. This method is used to apply on the internal segment of the house such as toilet and bathroom etc.

Liquid membrane method – this type of waterproofing is generally a thin coating of primer coat and two layer coats of top coat, which are smeared by roller or spray. The life tenure of this waterproofing depends on the polymer used by the manufacturer.

Bituminous coating method – the flexibility of this coating depends on the grade of polymer and fiber reinforcement.  The application includes under screed wet. It is not an appropriate option if exposed to sunlight.

Bituminous membrane method – it is an admired option for low slope roof. It comprises of self-adhesive and torch membrane.

Polyurethane Liquid Membrane method – this method is used for waterproofing on a flat surface. It is quite expensive as compared to others. They offer high flexibility and are very delicate to moisture. Hence, it is very important to clear away the dampness and moisture before the application.

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