Do You Know Why Any Custom Mailer Box Is Cheaper Than Standard Sized Box?

Are you looking in the internet and searching for any suitable box for the item of any particular size? You perhaps could not find any standard sized box that perfectly suits your item, as either they are too big or too small. If you take slightly larger box then you have to use lots of fillers and that will also take lots of time to pack and besides that it will take much extra space too, for which you have to pay.

In such case, you really need any supplier who can provide you any custom mailer boxes that perfectly fits your size of the item, that you want to pack. Any professional packing can certainly give you an extra edge.

Who will like to pay all that extra cost for creating a setup with any automatic machine for cardboard packaging production? Also, create a costly warehouse facility and pay wages to run few machines to make custom made boxes.

Best idea would be to work with any company who already has all the setup to make custom-made cardboard boxes. In that case, you don’t need to create any extra facility

Any right sized custom boxes can offer several key advantages:

  1. Perfectly fit and also doubles your protection as damages of goods are eliminated
  2. Eliminate stuffing of your package
  3. Reduces cube weight that saves shipping cost
  4. Reduces waste and you can save the environment

There are few companies who can supply you packaging boxes of all sizes, shapes and colors. Packing boxes for any catalog, food stuff, bulk cupcake boxes, premium candle box, any 8×8 cake box, 3-d publication packaging, 3d comics packaging, industrial boxes and also the ever-elusive commercial moving boxes of 12 x 15 x 24 sizes can be made.

Common corrugated boxes

  1. Regular slotted container

The king of any standard boxes, which has flaps so that it can meet at the top, bottom and middle.

  1. Folder/mailer

Perfect for any low flat items e.g. books, printed sheets, signs etc. You need to tape only once on top, right down at the middle.

  1. Die-cut with a fold-over lid
  2. Panel Wrap

Right for any long or narrow items.

  1. Pad/Sheet

This is a flat portion of any corrugated with/without scores. Pads are sometime used as added protection layer to separate any products or product layers to cover pallets.

Therefore, any custom-made boxes are very simple and cost-effective solution.