Air Purity: The Usage of Oil Free Compressors

There’s nothing worse than contaminating the air quality. Thankfully, companies have taken measures in order to reduce the amount of contamination in the air through air compressor operation modification. There are four types of air compressors:

  • Oil Free
  • Oil Flooded
  • Single Stage
  • Multistage

Oil free air compressors are the ones to watch, as their method of operation may work for your desired use. Any type of oil during production can cause immediate spoilage, and it’s important that you choose a device that is reliable. Production that is delayed or halted completely due to a tiny spill of oil can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Oil Free for Your Industry

The choice of an oil free air compressor is determined by what type of industry and application it’s meant for. With an oil flooded compressor, oil is used to lubricate and seal while requiring a much higher PSIG reading than its oil free counterpart. Industries where an oil free compressor is used include:


  • Pharmaceutical/Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Painting

These industries require an oil free air compressor, because the contamination is not tolerated as it can harm the consumer or the finished product. For electronics, products can be damaged beyond repair when in contact with oil.

Benefits of Choosing Oil Free

Besides working in an industry that requires no contamination whatsoever, there are other benefits an oil free air compressor poses. One of the main benefits of investing in an oil free compressor is that it has a low maintenance requirement. Unlike oil flooded compressors that have a factor in keeping up with maintenance, oil free ones have a simple design without an added ingredient. Their structures are generally built to last, and the operator is in control of the air supply.

Because of the regulation and reduced maintenance of the air compressor, energy costs are reduced greatly. Not only is the PSIG much lower than with oil flooded ones, but you can also control the amount of energy used through manual operation. Because oil free setups are generally lighter, they don’t use as much energy.

Ways Oil Free Reduces Costs

The operation of an oil free air compressor presents multiple methods to reduce operating costs. These methods not only save money, but reduce the amount of energy used. The lack of oil condensation allows an oil free setup to eliminate having to dispose of it. The elimination of extra oil is needed to make up for minimal oil on compressors.

The unloaded horsepower of an oil free air compressor allows a reduction of energy used. An oil free air compressor only uses around 18% of energy, much lower than oil flooded.

Beyond these three cost-reducing methods, oil free compressors automatically use less energy because the pressure of discharge isn’t skyrocketed like an oil flooded compressor. If your industry doesn’t require an oil flooded compressor and can operate with an oil free one, these benefits may surprise you and help you make the switch. Choosing oil free will allow you to save money and energy by creating a more efficient production line.