3 Great Benefits For Choosing Serviced Offices In The Greater Sydney Area

If you are a new business just starting off, then you need all the assistance that you can get to get your idea off the ground and into profit. The start-up costs are usually the highest as you need to find new premises and then furnish it with all the things that a regular office might need. You are going to need a desk or desks, computers, printers and a telephone line and internet. Then, there is all the paper that is needed with your business letterhead and the costs just keeps growing and growing.

If you are a currently established business and you need to relocate to different premises, you have to go through similar headaches. The move is going to cause you to have down time and then you have to get phone and internet lines installed in your new place. These are headaches that you don’t need and they can all be easily avoided by taking advantage of the many serviced offices in Sydney. For something that may just be short term, a serviced office might just be the perfect fit until you figure out exactly what you want to do and where you want to locate.

There are many advantages to choosing serviced offices and here are just a few of those.

  1. As a new business, you do not have the luxury of being able to close down your business even for just a couple of days, so that you can relocate. There is too much to do when you have to move to bigger or smaller premises and the headaches associated with that are better avoided. A serviced office is already set up with everything that you need and the phone and internet is already set up for you to use.
  1. Finding a short term lease in Sydney is virtually impossible and if you do find one, you will be paying through the nose for it. A commercial lease in Sydney is typically from three to five years and that’s a lot of responsibility to take on for a venture that you are not even sure will work. A serviced office offers much shorter leases that allow you to test out your business plan to see if it works. Then, if you are confident, maybe you can start to look for something a bit more permanent.
  1. When you want to open your own office, you have all the hiring that needs to be done to get competent office staff. This is expensive and time consuming. With a serviced office, however, the staff is already there for you to use and they are the best at what they do. In a serviced office, you pay for what you need. If you need a meeting room for a while, that’s fine, just pay for the time that you need it.

Having a serviced office makes more sense financially as you get to avoid all the overheads that traditionally come with setting up and running your own office space.