What are the Various Types of Self-Storage Units?

Different types of self-storage units are available that are used for various purposes whether personal, commercial or automotive. As a matter of fact, you can store almost anything in the storage units Phoenix without any hesitation as mostly the facilities are well-maintained with tight security.

Let’s explore the different types of storage-units—

Climate controlled storage

The climate controlled storage is a necessary amenity that is widely popular among those preserving and storing the antiques and particularly furniture. For example, if you are heading to a location where mostly winter prevails, and you need to protect the belongings that are well-maintained at the tropical locations then you can opt for hiring a climate-controlled self-storage unit that will protect the belongings with the exact temperature that is  required. Therefore, always look for a unit with climate controlled features before moving to a location with a different climate.

Student storage

Students heading for their homes after completing the semester can rent a self-storage unit and keep their belongings starting from the PC to microwave, the mini refrigerator or even the bike. Instead of packing those back in the home and unpacking the belongings and again packing those before coming back to schools can be a tedious task. Thus, most students prefer to get the small storage units that are affordable and secured as well. They can enjoy a hassle-free storage of the belongings.

Military storage

The military families often have to move from one place to another with their job transfers. For them, many facilities offer short-term self-storage units and the costs are lesser for the military and their families only. Usually, the units are located near by the military bases for which the families of the soldiers can conveniently use the self-storage units where they store many of their precious belongings.

Automotive storage

You can store your car, RVs, and even large SUVs in the self-storage units ensuring covered and secured parking facility. There are a few facilities that offer the provisions for parking the RVs, trucks and large vehicles. Know about the security, other amenities and flexibilities of the service providers before driving in your expensive vehicles. There are many individuals that have their own garage but they don’t have ample space to park another car or the RV. Thus, they look forward to the automotive storages where they can keep the extra cars they have.

Also, if you have a passion for buying vintage cars but don’t have ample space to park those vehicles, instead of hiring unsecured garages in someone other’s properties you can opt for renting the automotive drive in storages where you can conveniently park the cars for as long as you want.

Mobile storages

The mobile self-storage units are carried from one place to another. You can keep the metallic storages in your property to store stuff that you don’t want to keep in your house or you lack space. Also, those are widely used in commercial sectors where the business owners prefer to hire the mobile storages to store the manufactured goods and other stuff.